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The best vampire movies of all time. The 50 best zombie movies of all time. The 40 best horror movies on Hulu The 60 best horror movies on Amazon Prime The 50 best movies about serial killers The 50 best slasher movies of all time The 50 best ghost movies of all time.

Also check out our ongoing Century of Terror project, a day journey through the best horror films of Mom hits the bottle hard, and perhaps dabbles in some other substances as well, while fighting anyone who gets close enough for her to yell at. Some of these sequences are effective enough, such as the flashback to a screaming match the mother and daughter have in the garage as their relationship fractures further. Regardless, The Monster ultimately feels like a film reaching desperately for profundity and missing by a country mile, notable only for solid performances by Zoe Kazan and Ella Ballentine.

Why do we like to be scared? USC experts explain the science of fright

With some very brief exceptions, this triangle forms the only characters of consequence in Tau , as Julia attempts to escape from the home by forming an emotional bond with the hungry-for-knowledge AI. Four years later, the same team is back with Velvet Buzzsaw in order to ostensibly skewer the shallowness and materialism of art profiteering, told through a gaudy blend of pretentious B-horror and on-the-nose satire.

Other buyers, beware. Every shot lingers. We glide through the house with minimal, whispered dialogue and occasional narration, and although it does build a palpable sense of unease, the payoffs are few and far between. I Am the Pretty Thing has grand artistic aspirations of some kind behind it, but has trouble giving them vibrancy.

This is a horror film for audiences with solid attention spans. Murder Party Year: Director: Jeremy Saulnier Streaming services are the obvious home for extremely low-budget, indie horror farces like Murder Party , which would likely never see the light of day otherwise—even as the feature film debut of Jeremy Saulnier, who went on to direct Blue Ruin and Green Room.

This is a breezy, amiable horror comedy that feels like a guy and his friends getting together to scrape together a credit on their collective resumes, but with results that transcend the nonexistent budget.

2: S4E02 – "Ghoulish Games" – Scary Stories Told in the Dark

Little does he know, the name is no exaggeration—the event is being hosted by a group of outsider artists who intend to murder anyone who shows up. Evil , despite the fact that Murder Party predates that film. As the artists bicker and argue about how to kill Chris, the captive breaks free, beginning a series of zany, gory mishaps that decimate his captors.

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Shutter Year: Directors: Bangjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpoom Right around the same time when the American horror film market was excitedly green-lighting remakes of Japanese horror films such as The Ring and The Grudge , Thailand produced what is likely its largest genre hit to date, Shutter. This is an uncomplicated, old-school kind of haunting story that is given a modern twist in its reveal of the connection between victim and tormenter—themes that are handled more fluidly here than in the overly dramaticized American remake of the same name.

It thrives on the strength of its two central performances, particularly that of Ananda Everingham, who plays a man whose sins come back to revisit him, big-time. Originally titled Somnia , the film was passed to several potential distributors, and even had in-theater advertising at one point, but its plans for a theatrical release were ultimately scrapped. The story of a young boy Jacob Tremblay of Room and Wonder with the unconscious power to manifest his dreams in reality, it draws obvious parallels to Nightmare on Elm Street , but especially to the astral plane-tripping excursions of the Insidious series, without quite having the verve of either.

R.L. Stine

Still, it could be an interesting genre footnote in the career of Tremblay if this kid grows up to be an Oscar-winner someday. Reilly are his only sources of comfort. Akhavan seems to be a perfect foil for Duplass' quietly unhinged lunatic, and together they cook up an oddly satisfying sequel to a satisfyingly odd predecessor. This stark, unpredictable black-and-white horror film was fairly divisive when it made the rounds of the festival circuit, but it's hard not to be grabbed by the compelling turns. First-time filmmaker Nicolas Pesce tells the story of a disturbed young girl who grows into a harrowingly twisted woman thanks to a shocking childhood trauma.

There's nothing conventional about the bleak, beautiful images and ideas the film has to offer.

13 Short, Creepy Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You | Thought Catalog

Sticking close to the grisly plot details of King's seemingly " unfilmable " novel, the movie chronicles the painstaking struggles of Jessie Burlingame Carla Gugino after she finds herself handcuffed to a bed in an isolated vacation home when her husband, the titular Gerald, dies from a heart attack while enacting his kinky sexual fantasies. She's trapped -- and that's it. The premise is clearly challenging to sustain for a whole movie, but Flanagan and Gugino turn the potentially one-note set-up into a forceful, thoughtful meditation on trauma, memory, and resilience in the face of near-certain doom.

Green Room is a throaty, thrashing, spit-slinging punk tune belted through an invasion-movie microphone at max volume. It's nasty -- and near-perfect. As a band of something rockstars recklessly defend against a neo-Nazi battalion equipped with machetes, shotguns, and snarling guard dogs, the movie blossoms into a savage coming-of-age tale, an Almost Famous for John Carpenter nuts. While films like the classic Wait Until Dark and the recent Don't Breathe have wrung scares from blind heroes and villains, deaf characters haven't been placed at the center of many mainstream horror movies.

Enter very quietly Hush , a low-budget home-invasion thriller about a deaf and mute woman Kate Siegel being terrorized by a masked home invader The Newsroom 's John Gallagher Jr. This is the type of movie that can exhaust its premise in 20 minutes if the script doesn't deliver -- how long can two characters face off in a swanky cabin for, really? As Lily discovers the truth about the writer's fiction and home, the lines between the physical realm and the afterlife blur. The movie's slow pacing and muted escalation might frustrate viewers craving showy jump-scares, but writer-director Oz Perkins is worth keeping tabs on.

He brings a beautiful eeriness to every scene, and his story will captivate patient streamers. Haunted house tales are nothing new in horror movies. Same goes for creepy kids. The original installment follows a couple Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne whose son falls into a coma after a strange encounter in their new home, and then, as you might expect, strange things start happening. The film's first half-hour, which finds Quarry 's Logan Marshall-Green arriving at his ex-wife's house to meet her new husband, plays like a Sundance dramedy about something yuppies and their relationship woes.

We won't spoil what happens, but let's just say this is a party you'll be telling your friends about. Aubrey Plaza is at her best when she's peak Aubrey Plaza-ing, as in being excessively weird. Reilly, Molly Shannon. As suspected, she's not who she used to be. The Perfection , Netflix's self-consciously sleazy genre provocation starring Allison Williams as a former child cello prodigy out for revenge, is like a cinematic endurance test. Grossed out by the creepy bug effects and horrifying depictions of self-mutilation?

Keep streaming. Four old friends travel into a foreboding forest and You've heard this one before. So has everyone. Only this time, it's interesting. Suffice to say that these guys stumble across a freaky shack, unwisely opt to sleep in said shack, and then find themselves hopelessly lost.

Also there may or may not be a mythologically inspired monster from Norse lore on their trail. Horror master Wes Craven subverts and parodies his own slasher filmography in this meta-whodunnit from The Vampire Diaries creator Kevin Williamson. While the opening scene -- Ghostface dialing up Drew Barrymore to ask, "Do you like scary movies? Horror movies have arguably been ruined by the redundant, unsatisfying slew of sequels they tend spawn.

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The follow-up to horror master Wes Craven's subversive slasher film is unlike the average second time around, though. In fact, it goes out of its way to prove it can stand on its own as a great scary movie. It, of course, is led by the scream queen of the first film, Neve Campbell's Sidney Prescott, who is still traumatized by her past and revisited by Ghostface on her college campus.

It's about nothing more than a father and his young daughter who board a train from Seoul to Busan just as a very expeditious zombie virus has hit the area. La Llorona subverts the societal norm of mothers as loving and protective, Thompson said, becoming a cautionary lesson for others to consider when they get angry with their children. In it he covers common themes in the folklore of fright across cultures.

Stories of ghosts are prevalent in most societies and often carry cultural implications.

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In the United States, they feature prominently in connection with slavery and the mistreatment of native tribes, like the trope of the American Indian burial ground as an explanation for supernatural events. Folklore about monsters is also useful when tracking the influence of cultures as people spread across the globe, he said. Zombies are part of West African traditions, vampires have been traced back to Eastern Europe and genii likely originated in the Arabic world.

Newer themes often deal with science, particularly the potential for technology to turn against its creator. Evil robots and smart devices that turn malevolent abound, like the computer Hal in A Space Odyssey. Thompson also noted the rise of internet monsters like Slender Man, an abnormally tall humanoid that stalks and abducts children online.

Similar trends can be seen in recent films, said Alex Ago , a horror movie buff and director of programming and special projects at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Modern-day thrillers often reflect fears over technological and biological experimentation, such as the accidental release of a man-made contagion in 28 Days Later. His go-to example is Godzilla , the classic sci-fi film featuring a dinosaur-like monster created by nuclear radiation.

Zombie films are another illustration of this point, Ago said.