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BBC Politics and elections The Ghanaian election is extended by one day as glitches in the electoral system cause extended delays in voting in some areas. Business Insider Silvio Berlusconi announces that he will run for a fourth term as Prime Minister of Italy despite a conviction for tax fraud. Armed conflicts and attacks Violent clashes occur in Bangladesh as protesters stage a nationwide blockade of roads to press for an independent body to oversee the next general election.

At least two people were killed and about injured after police fire rubber bullets and tear gas. Reuters BBC Disasters and accidents Former Typhoon Bopha is again forecast to make landfall in the Philippines this time on the northern island of Luzon as a tropical storm bringing the possibility of more floods and landslides. Bangkok Post [ permanent dead link ] Focus Taiwan Six people are killed and 41 others injured on the spot when a bus skids off the road and plunges into a meter deep gorge in Chimaltenango , Guatemala. Al Jazeera Law and crime A Tibetan monk is arrested by Chinese authorities, accused of inciting self-immolation protests against Chinese rule.

BBC Hector Celaya, the suspect in the mass shooting at the Tule River Indian Reservation that resulted in four deaths and two people being wounded, dies. Reuters Fox News Politics and elections Ghana 's main opposition party alleges fraud in the recent general election as incumbent President John Mahama is declared the winner.

Briz-M stage failure 4 minutes before scheduled shut down on its fourth burn.

Robin van Persie scores a last-minute goal and Rio Ferdinand is injured after being hit by a coin. ESPN Goal. Armed conflict and attacks Syrian civil war : Rebel forces seize parts of the Sheikh Suleiman army base near Aleppo after weeks of heavy fighting. Ground clashes continue in the suburbs of Damascus as the government carries out further air raids against opposition forces. State Department.

AP via Yahoo! News Unknown gunmen assassinate Nadia Sediqqi, head of the women's affairs department in Laghman Province , Afghanistan. She was shot as she was getting into her rickshaw on her way to work in the provincial capital Mehtar Lam , according to a provincial government spokesperson. Reuters Disasters and accidents The death toll in the Philippines from Typhoon Bopha rises to with people still missing. Al-Jazeera A New Zealand Royal Commission finds that the CTV Building that collapsed during the Christchurch earthquake killing people was poorly designed and built and should not have received a building permit.

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AP via Washington Post Eleven people are killed and 23 injured in Minquan County , Henan province , China , after a passenger bus swerves off the road and falls in a roadside pond. China Daily RIA Novosti At least nine people are killed and at 32 others are wounded in Tolima department , Colombia , after a bus falls of a meter cliff. Colombia Reports Xinhua International relations Japan goes on full alert as North Korea announces it has delayed its launch of a long range Unha rocket until 29 December.

Bloomberg via Business Week Law and crime John Hickenlooper , the Governor of the US state of Colorado , issues a proclamation allowing the personal use of marijuana following the passage of an amendment to the state constitution last month. Al Jazeera The government of Malta loses a budget vote, causing early elections to be called.

Time of Malta Science and technology Specialists from Thales Alenia Space carry out some maneuvers to bring the Russian Yamal satellite into its designated orbit after a premature separation from Briz-M , the upper stage of a Proton-M carrier rocket , during the launch on 8 December.

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His performance is enough to break the year-old Elo rating record of Garry Kasparov. Reuters NHL. Armed conflict and attacks Syrian civil war : At least people are killed and up to injured in bombings in the Alawite village of Aqrab , Syria. News Limited Egyptian protests : Abdul Fatah al-Sisi , the Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces , calls for talks on national unity as thousands of rival protesters are on the streets of Cairo and the International Monetary Fund delays a loan.

The Church of England and Church in Wales will be banned from conducting wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples, but other religious organisations will be allowed to conduct gay weddings if they wish. Three people, including the suspected shooter, are killed and another is injured. Thousands of union employees protest outside the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing.

Armed conflicts and attacks Syrian civil war : A car bomb and two other explosions go off outside the Interior Ministry and Palace of Justice in Damascus. Al Jazeera Government forces reportedly fire Scud -type missiles at rebels in the north of the country. Federal Reserve announces explicit ties between Fed policy on interest rates and economic goals, especially unemployment. Reuters International relations North Korea successfully launches a long-range Unha rocket to put its first satellite into space , the aim of what critics say is a disguised ballistic missile test.

The United Nations condemns the action. The Telegraph Ecuador 's National Court of Justice issues an international arrest warrant for former President Jamil Mahuad on embezzlement charges and orders that all of his assets in Ecuador be seized. Reuters Michael Palmer resigns as the Speaker of the House in the Parliament of Singapore due to an extra-marital affair. Fox News A British research team launches a long-awaited project to hunt for life in Lake Ellsworth hidden beneath the ice-sheet in Antarctica. Swimming World Former Brazil manager Dunga is named as new coach of Internacional , returning to the club where he began and ended his career.

Armed conflicts and attacks Syrian civil war : Russia 's Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov confirms his country is working on mobilization plans to evacuate its citizens from Syria. In the statement, the Foreign Ministry acknowledges for the first time that the rebels might win as the Syrian government is losing control of more and more territory. The attack follows a similar blast in front of the Interior Ministry building a day earlier that killed at least five.

Earthquake list: Sunday, 23 December 2012 (34 quakes)

Reuters Israeli—Palestinian conflict : Five people are injured in the West Bank ahead of the funeral of a deaf teenager shot dead by Israeli forces. BBC Senkaku Islands dispute : Japan scrambles fighter jets in response to a Chinese plane seen near the disputed Senkaku Islands , marking the first time aircraft are involved in the dispute.

As a result he is expelled from the parliamentary party, which is part of the governing coalition. Reuters Disasters and accidents Tropical Cyclone Evan makes landfall near the Samoan capital Apia causing at least two deaths and the declaration of a state of disaster.

ABC Australia via Yahoo! CIA agents then transferred him to a detention facility in Afghanistan. Al Jazeera royal hoax call incident : An inquest into the death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha hears that she died as a result of self-inflicted hanging. Federal Courthouse in Birmingham , Alabama shoots himself in the head. CNN Israel 's Justice Ministry announces that Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman , while he will not face more serious money laundering and witness tampering corruption charges, will be charged with breach of trust and fraud in connection with illegally obtaining funds from shell companies which occurred prior to his Ministry service.

CNN Politics and elections U. Secretary of State , following increasing opposition to her nomination by Republican members of the Senate. MSNBC Al Jazeera The Bangladeshi Opposition calls a general strike over restoration of a caretaker administration with reports of explosions and clashes between police and protesters in the capital Dhaka. South Korean sources later deny the report, saying the satellite appears to be orbiting Earth normally. NBC News U. With Nepalese netizens left puzzled by this, it took a Nepalese expert to point out the agency's inaccuracy. Armed conflicts and attacks Syrian civil war : American admiral James G.

Reuters Arts and culture Kenneth Kendall , who became the BBC 's first in-vision television newsreader in , dies aged The attack on the children occurred as they were arriving for classes, and most of the victims are thought to be 6—11 years old. A judge had earlier ruled she was unfit to stand trial because of mental health issues. Reuters via Yahoo! A third stage will be held in southern England with a finish in London before the race moves into France. Vicente del Bosque is chosen as the Manager of the Year. Courier Mail. Disasters and accidents Cyclone Evan is expected to hit northern parts of Tonga before turning south towards Fiji.

A year-old man opens fire at a hospital in Birmingham , wounding a police officer and two employees before he is fatally shot by police. In another unrelated incident, a man suspected of the fatal shooting of three people in a mobile home in Cleburne County , is shot to death near Birmingham by police after brandishing an AK CBC A man stood in the parking lot of the Fashion Island mall in Newport Beach , California , and fired 50 gunshots in the air, inducing a mass of panic from the shoppers and employees.

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No one was hit by the bullets, but one person was injured while trying to flee. A year-old man was arrested for the shooting, and additional ammunition was found in his car. CNN Politics and elections Egyptian constitutional referendum, : Voters in Egypt go to the polls for a highly charged referendum on a new constitution with violent clashes reported in Alexandria the evening before.

Trend Nelson Mandela , former President of South Africa , successfully undergoes surgery to remove gallstones from his gallbladder.

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BBC Science and technology Yamal , the Russian communications satellite , is taken to its planned geostationary orbit following a series of four adjustment operations. Armed conflicts and attacks Syrian civil war : A Palestinian refugee camp in the capital of Damascus is reported to be attacked by Syrian war planes. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported at least eight deaths.