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A meteorite struck Earth's northern hemisphere in The Impact caused widespread environmental damage the world has yet to fully recover from, but it supercharged public interest in space exploration. Around the world, new political unions that formed to fix the damage of the Impact poured money into space programs. Grand Cross is a cosmopolitan gateway to the stars, a launching point for missions to Mars and beyond, and a beacon of hope for its people.

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But behind the scenes, a war is being waged for its soul. An alliance of space-based corporations known as the Offworld Cartel has moved in. They sell space exploration as a shared dream they strive for with everyone else, but their true aim is control of Grand Cross and, through it, the future of space settlement. As their influence spreads, so does inequality and crime.

The Cartel has convinced the current US-backed government to sell off many of the systems that keep Grand Cross running, and now it's slowly falling apart. Behind the scenes, they have even more underhanded schemes running in secret.

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If the next station election goes their way, they'll be on their way to becoming the landlords of human space. The player characters are Grand Cross citizens, trying to live their everyday lives while fighting for the station's future. They can be street activists, investigative reporters and other professionals, gig economy workers who run errands and hunt bounties to get by, or just here to fight the criminals, corrupt cops, hate groups, and alien androids the Cartel uses as proxies to do their dirty work. Each player character is part of a community which wants to make Grand Cross better.

Communities range from PC-sized groups like neighbourhood watches and rock bands to larger organisations and broad, loose movements. Your community helps decide the sort of allies and obstacles you'll encounter in the story. They get to help describe how their community works, letting them add elements to the story while getting them invested. If the Cartel gets their way, Grand Cross as you know it will end as unchecked greed bleeds your community dry.

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But if you fight, you might be able to save it. No thanks.

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Good cyberpunk is anti-capitalist. It's about how technology without ethics can make social inequality worse. The wealthy use it to cement their power and perpetuate the status quo, while marginalized communities are kept that way. The PCs want to use it to break the current system. They work against their enemies, not for them. Cyberpunk should be relevant. It is a study of where our society could go in the coming years.

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The issues faced by people in a cyberpunk setting should have some relevance to issues faced by the audience, even if they're not the same. Retro future, present problems. Cybernetics are not inherently good or bad. Like most tech, what matters is how it's used. In Hard Wired Island the problem is that cybernetics often serves the needs of capital rather than people.

Any alienating or dysphoric effects come from being reshaped into some corporation's property. There is no mechanic that suggests cybernetics make you tainted; instead, the tradeoff of cyberware is adding to your financial burdens. Cyberpunk is not just an aesthetic. The core concept is not "cool future!

It shouldn't just be about the neon-lit adventures of some trenchcoat futurists as they crime their way into wealth and power. Hard Wired Island is about a group of marginalized people using technology to try to change the status quo. Many perspectives. Good cyberpunk examines how technology and power intersect in many different communities.

Being a cyborg doesn't make you a stand-in for minorities in general, it's just another axis to your identity. Hard Wired Island examines the everyday communities of Grand Cross and how its issues impact their lives; as a space station in Earth orbit, Grand Cross can include perspectives from all over the world. Hard Wired Island uses a mix of old-school and new-school mechanics.

Our aim is to produce a system that feels like it was made in the 90s but updated for modern play. If you'd like a closer look at the game, we've prepared a preview HERE! This preview contains an overview of the Grand Cross setting, along with basic mechanics. These are the ideas we want to develop into a full game book with your help. The main thing this campaign funds will be art and layout , to make the book look as beautiful as possible.

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We'll commission artists to bring Grand Cross and its characters to life, and we'll pay them properly. Jay Iles will lay everything out, to make sure we end up with a good-looking book. You'll also be paying for music.

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Put this on while you play to truly immerse yourself in Grand Cross! You'll also be paying for words. Some of it will go to the main writers, Freyja and Paul, for their time working on the game. The rest will go towards hiring freelancers and consultants to expand the Grand Cross setting and bring a wider range of perspectives to the project. The PDF will come with a fifteen minute soundtrack of cyberpunk background music.

The soundtrack will be released as soon as it's ready via Bandcamp, and backers will receive a download code for the album. If the campaign funds, we'll order a copy for every print backer. Shipping will be collected via BackerKit after the campaign, but we will cover printing costs. However, if we reach the first stretch goal we'll arrange for our own offset print run. In this case, all print backers will receive a hardcover copy instead. At this level, we'll include a behind-the-scenes PDF that talks about our design philosophy, production process, and inspirations.

It will also include sketches. The final version will include a set of random tables for generating NPCs, scenes in the city, factions, and so on. At this level, you'll get to add a name and a short description for a character in one of these tables. You can insert yourself or a character you made up. We reserve the right to refuse anything inappropriate, but other than that you can go wild. The final version will also include pregenerated characters.

Ikarians may not do yoga classes or go to the gym, but they walk everywhere, often uphill, rather than get in a car, which naturally keeps them active all the time. Working out very hard for 30 minutes is not going to make up for eight hours of sitting at work or in front of the TV, he added.

The modern lifestyle may make you miss something else that keeps the brain sharp: Enjoying the company of other people. Jim Gemelas feels the isolation , too. Her recent diagnosis is a reminder they still have the power to fend off the disease. Follow today. Reducing your risk of Alzheimer's: what one Greek island shows us Nov. Oz opens up about missing signs of mother's Alzheimer's Sept. Meet the 'super agers' with excellent brain health Oct.

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