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Students can join different fraternities and sororities centered on philanthropy, social interests, academics, race, religion and other contributing factors. By joining Greek life, Terrapins have the opportunity to socialize, network, volunteer, and make long lasting relationships with their fellow members and community. Each spring, hundreds of students participate rush. Rush week allows students to meet members of different organizations in order to find the perfect fit of interest.

They can simply rush to get a feel for the community or to meet people through the experience.


Of course, students who do receive a bid into a fraternity or sorority, and accept the bid, are not only inducted into that organization, but the entire Greek community. Greek organizations come together as one through events such as Greek Week, Homecoming, fall and spring formals, away weekends, and various fundraising events. These events allow different groups to mix and mingle, and for non-Greek students to have the opportunity to be invited to a unique, Greek event. Many students have landed internship and job opportunities through chapter connections, and many Greek alumni host events where students can meet future employers who shared similar philanthropic interests.

Greek life has been an essential part of the University of Maryland for more than years, and will continue to help students network and volunteer.

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As for potential new members, recruitment is an exciting time when each PNM gets to find which fraternity or sorority is the best fit for him or her. Sororities offer two types of recruitment: informal and formal. Informal recruitment happens in the fall, while formal recruitment happens in the spring. Formal recruitment is the process that is most familiar to sorority women - it is a structured form of recruitment in which PNMs have the opportunity to explore all 15 houses on the campus.

Rho Gammas lead their groups through all four rounds of formal recruitment over two consecutive weekends.

The four rounds consist of house tours and values round, philanthropy round, sisterhood round and preference round. After each round, the PNMs rank the number of sororities left in order of preference. After all four rounds, formal recruitment culminates in an exciting bid day for PNMs and their new sorority sisters. Sorority life at Maryland also offers informal recruitment in the fall. Informal recruitment is much less structured than formal. Not every chapter is required to participate in informal recruitment.

It is up to each chapter whether or not it wants to participate. If a chapter chooses to participate, it decides which events it will hold during informal recruitment - there are no structured rounds. Fraternity recruitment resembles informal recruitment for sororities.

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There is no structured recruitment process for fraternities. Each chapter holds its own events when PNMs get to meet and hang out with the brothers. PNMs choose which chapter events they want to attend, but its up to the brothers whether or not they invite a PNM back and eventually offer him a bid. This informal recruitment occurs in the fall and spring for fraternities. Flowever, recruitment tends to be larger in the spring because it is required for a PNM to have at least 12 credits before rushing. All year, fraternities and sororities hold events all over the campus to increase awareness and raise money for their philanthropy.

Philanthropy events range all over the board - from how much the event tends to raise to the activities that make up the event. One of the most popular ways chapters raise money for their philanthropy is by holding fundraisers at restaurants across College Park. Another popular philanthropy event for many chapters is a 5K race. Participants sign up to run a 5K, with the proceeds going to the philanthropy event. Aside from restaurant fundraisers and 5Ks, chapters try to create their own unique philanthropy events that will keep participants coming back year after year.

Particular philanthropy events seem to be a little fancier than others. While the houses of Fraternity Row tend to resemble each other, each chapter house is still unique to the chapter it houses. Some houses offer study rooms, gourmet kitchens, and large common rooms equipped with couches and TVs for relaxing. Some members of Greek life relate living in a chapter house to living in a dorm, with communal bathrooms and roommates.

Each house has many doubles with twin-sized beds, but most houses offer several singles as well. Though each house operates differently, it is common for members to get into their house on a point-based system. Most houses can sleep around 40 members, with some houses being larger than others. However, these houses also serve as a gathering place for all members of the chapter. Chapters will hold meetings at their houses, along with bonding activities.

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Alpha Phi member Eleanor Mueller, a junior journalism major, loves living with her best friends in the chapter house. For most Greek life members, living in the house is a once in a lifetime experience. There is no other time when these members will be able to live with 40 or more of their best friends. The Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life, or better known as DFSL for short, collaborate with students, administrators, alumni, parents and national chapter organizations to ensure each chapter is upholding its values.

Each of these smaller councils oversees a set amount of fraternities and sororities.

PHC governs the historically black fraternities and sororities, while UGA oversees the multicultural fraternities and sororities. Aside from making sure the chapters stay in line with their values, the councils are also in charge of organizing events for the chapters.

For example, PHA is in charge of organizing formal recruitment for the social sororities on the campus. Homecoming is a week of activities that take place during the fall semester and ends with a football game, while Greek Week is a similar week of activities that takes place during the spring semester. No matter Homecoming or Greek Week, Greeks get extremely excited about participating in these weeklong events with the goals of having fun and of course, winning first place.

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This is a great way for members of fraternities and sororities to socialize and compete with different chapters. The matchups will learn the theme for Homecoming or Greek Week before the activities are set to begin.

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The weeks typically start out with athletic events in which different match ups compete against each other. The winners of these events win points that eventually decide the winner of Homecoming and Greek Week. Matchups can also win points by coming out to support the games.

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One of the most prized events of Homecoming and Greek Week is skits. During the middle of the week, each matchup puts together a skit to preform in front of all the other matchups in Cole Field House. The weeks end with an awards ceremony in the Chapel. Once the ceremony ends, Greeks look forward to the next time they can come together and compete in fun activities.

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These fraternities are centered on a particular major or interest. Theta Tau is the professional engineering fraternity on the campus. Beta Psi Omega is the professional biology fraternity on the campus. Students can find an academic fraternity for almost every area of interest - from business to chemistry.

There are also fraternities dedicated solely to community service. Aside from being centered on a particular interest, these fraternities sometimes differ in the recruitment process. Some academic fraternities require potential new members to fill out an application and come in for a professional interview before a bid can be extended. Many still hold rush events similar to social fraternities, where potential new members can come hang out with the fraternity.

These rush events can range from a barbeque somewhere on the campus to an athletic event. Many members of academic fraternities say they do not differ much from social fraternities. In fact, academic fraternities hold several social events throughout the year.