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Dr Kemp says US biologist Leigh Van Valen discovered an "ageless random pattern" to species extinction, but that a similar pattern exists in the lifespan of societies. Topics: community-and-society , history , world-politics , australia , united-kingdom , european-union , asia , mexico. First posted July 05, Contact Anna Kelsey-Sugg.

The Seductive Enthusiasm of Kenneth Clark’s “Civilisation”

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  6. By technology reporter Ariel Bogle. Australians scrolling Facebook this weekend will find something missing: the number of times the "like" button has been tapped on a post. Even after taking into account the coming decade of legislated tax cuts, most Australians will face higher income tax collections, writes Peter Martin.

    Apocalyptic collapse — it's not all bad

    Photo: A civilisation's size or sophistication isn't necessarily a barrier to extinction. Getty: joe daniel price. Related Story: How Ancient Roman concrete still stands while modern version erodes. Related Story: What is the future of humanity? Physicist Michio Kaku believes it's out of this world. Photo: Climate change is a common thread between collapsing civilisations. Photo: Dr Luke Kemp is optimistic about humankind's ability to fend off annihilation. Photo: Babylon's collapse in BCE offered the chance of a new way of life. Getty: Sergey Mayorov.

    The real utopia: This ancient civilisation thrived without war | New Scientist

    The 'erotic thrill' of Ancient Greek Grammar guru Mary Norris says the language has shaped the modern world in surprising ways. This might prompt an accusation of me being a fear-monger or alarmist. Raise the alarm. This elementary distinction—between being an alarmist and justifiably raising the alarm—is exactly the distinction that Winston Churchill drew, under similarly challenging though actually less dangerous conditions, in the s.

    If people are feeling paralysed right now, I think it is probably because they are stuck between false hopes.


    On the one hand, there is the delusive lure of optimism, the hope that there will be a techno-fix that will defuse the climate emergency while life more or less goes on as usual. This is, I believe, in a desperately-dangerous way keeping us from facing up to climate reality. My message, far from being paralysing, is liberating. One is liberated from the illusory comfort—that deep down most of us already know is illusory—of eco-complacency.

    Civ V: Trouble in Paradise #8 - Death Spiral

    And then to be freer of constraint in how one acts. One of the ideas in the work of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein that most deeply inspires me is that the really difficult problems in philosophy have nothing to do with cleverness or intellectual dexterity.

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    5. I have come to the conclusion in the last few years that this civilisation is going down. It will not last. It cannot, because it shows almost no sign of taking the extreme climate crisis—let alone the broader ecological crisis—for what it is: a long global emergency, an existential threat.

      This industrial-growthist civilisation will not achieve the Paris climate accord goals; and that means that we will most likely see 3—4 degrees of global over-heat at a minimum, and that is not compatible with civilisation as we know it. The stakes of course are very, very high, because the climate crisis puts the whole of what we know as civilisation at risk.

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      Even those societies and cultures may well be dragged down by Empire, as it fails, if it fells the very global ecosystem that is mother to us all. What I am saying, then, is that this civilisation will be transformed. As I see things, there are three broad possible futures that lie ahead:. The third option is by far the least likely, though the most desirable, simply because either of the other options will involve vast suffering and death on an unprecedented scale. A retreat to remember September 13, New month, 54 new faces September 12, Embracing diversity August 20, Create inherent brand traction September 16, Performance Management May 10, Sustainability for the win July 5, To our heroes and heroines July 2, Hang ten or hang loose June 20, Fusing data analytics and business understanding June 12,