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Rotation of partners, throughout the class allows dancers to practice steps with different partners. This format promotes comfort in dancing with several partners, as well as the communication that goes along with sharing a learned experience. Group lessons will be available every week in the traditional styles and latest club trends. Classes will be offered at every level, from basic beginner through advanced competitive styling.

Dance Studio Business Plan: See A Real Example

In addition, specialty classes will be offered for children and teens. Practice Dances will be held once a week to allow students an opportunity to practice the dances learned, in an environment with other students learning the same thing. Instructors will circulate on the dance floor, assisting with questions or demonstration of steps, as well as to dance with students. The Lendvorets is currently a very popular place in Rostov on Don for weddings, receptions, musical events, etc. Social Dancing is an industry that now continuing to grow.

According to a recent press release by 1TV-Television, more than one million people enroll in social dance classes each year. The timeless popularity of social dancing, combined with the growing interest in the trendy dances, has proven to be a winning combination around the world. We are confident it will produce the same results in Rostov on Don.

It is the 10th biggest city in the Russian Federation. Together with its Rostov agglomeration, population of the city is 1. El Ritmo Dance feels that the populations of Rostov on Don are all potential customers. We have divided these potential customers into the following groups:? Single and Married Adults yrs.

67 Creative and Effective Ways To Get Students to Register For Dance Class

Everyone who has the ability to walk can learn to dance. It is our job to present dance to these people and introduce and develop interest in the community for social dance. For children and teens it is important to show the fun in dance. Young adults will be introducing to dance through social dance parties in different night clubs and fitness clubs. We also plan to work with the Universities to offer classes to their students for credit. Single and married adults between the ages of 25 and 55 have traditionally been the biggest supporters of the social dance studio community.

This group is generally looking for new things to try and do. For singles we offer another way to meet people, and date. We will also have special wedding packages, which offer the new couple options for learning their first dance. For married couples dance is something new to learn together and provides a great social outlet.

By working with the local clubs, we can be sure there are places for people to use the dance they are learning and in turn spread dance further into the community. There are some key factors for the rise in demand for dance instruction and places to partnership dance:. Those who are familiar with dance are well aware of how fun and addicting an evening of dancing can be. Those who have not yet experienced the thrill of moving gracefully around the dance floor with a partner, need a convenient, relaxed atmosphere, where they can feel comfortable learning and utilizing current popular dances.

El Ritmo Dance seeks to provide its customers with affordable quality instruction in a fun and supportive environment. There are currently no other social dance studios in Rostov on Don. However, there are a few independent dance teachers, who teach classes at local bars, or rent floor space. There is also a local group, Dance Connection, that holds dances on Friday nights at the Ludi club.

Dance and Fitness Facility Business Plans

This group does not have a studio and its main purpose is to find places for people to dance and enjoy themselves. El Ritmo Dance marketing strategy will target people who wish to get more for their investment in dancing. A large variety of dance lesson packages and programs will be offered in an effort to make dancing affordable. Teachers will be highly skilled and professional, keeping with the image of the studio. The studio will be an elegant place to come, where customer service is number one.

Marketing venues will include placement advertisement, direct mail, Internet Web page and open free dance lessons. El Ritmo Dance sales strategy will be based on a consultative style where the customers and teachers work together to identify and plan a course of action to satisfy the customer. Teachers will participate in continuous consultative sales training and receive regular sales coaching where the identification of customer buying criteria will be paramount.

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Sales closes will be based on demonstration of satisfying the customer criteria. As previously mentioned, there is currently no other social dance studio in Rostov on Don. This automatically gives El Ritmo Dance a competitive edge on the market. However, we do not plan to sit back and think that people will come to us if we wait. Because Rostov on Don is not used to having a dance studio, this gives us the challenge of introducing the benefits of having a dance studio. We plan to keep our prices in line with the lower cost of living expenses of the Rostov on Don area.

We will offer a wide variety of very competitive packages. We plan to partner with many of the studios in Russia so that we can keep up with the trends of the big city and offer more variety to our students. Our marketing plan will be very simple. Satisfy our customers and provide them with the desire to continue dancing.

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  • A happy customer will not only keep coming back, but they will tell other people about El Ritmo Dance. We will market fun! What better product could we possibly have than that?!

    Our biggest challenge will be getting people who have never been in a dance studio before to come and try us out. Many people have never considered taking dance lessons before. Our marketing message will emphasize the opportunity to meet people, to enhance the quality of leisure time, to gain health benefits and gain life-long skills that will give them respect from their peers. We will advertise in the yellow pages, local newspapers, flyers, coupons, discount books, radio, and signs around town. One of our marketing strategies is to advertise discount specials or introductory offers.

    These are designed to introduce people to the different dances our studio offers, and the dances our customers want to learn. When a course outline is agreed upon by customer and instructor they will meet with a manager for a brief consultation to make sure the customer is satisfied with the lesson outline and that the course will meet the expectations of the customer.

    The customer will then sign up for the lessons by contract and commit to a series of appointments; the studio also commits to these appointments. We will offer a variety of courses, all mixed with combinations of private lessons, group lessons, and practice parties. Our course outlines will follow industry standards of recognized progression in dance, referred to as program dancing. El Ritmo Dance also offers the ability for customers to take group class packages. These may be more affordable, and although take longer for advancement, might be more preferable to some of our customers. In addition El Ritmo Dance offers something unique from other dance studios, which is a membership card.

    These memberships will last one year. El Ritmo Dance will offer discounts for larger dance packages. All payments for dance lessons will be collected at time of purchase. We will accept payment in the form of cash, check, or credit card. This sales forecast is an estimation on the number of customers we acquire while open, and an average cost of lesson outlines.

    The special is not an accurate count for the cost of lessons, and is used primarily to bring people who may be interested to our studio so that they may continue with more lessons. We are forecasting that we will sell 20 Introductory packages in our first month, and 30 each month there after, as this is what we can handle with the hours we have available.

    It is an average price based on the assumption that students would buy a package containing 12 private lessons and 12 group lessons.

    dance studio instructional dancing service sample business plan new Manual

    We do not expect to sell any Bronze II packages the first couple of months. These are both based on the assumption that the student buys a package of 27 privates and 27 groups.

    Starting in the fifth month we are forecasting to sell at least two Silver I dance package per month. We have estimated that we will not sell any Silver II packages until the end of the first year of business. We have kept our estimates low, knowing that we are not only a new business but a new type of business in this community, trying to break through with our marketing. The worry and fear of 'will the students come back' is always palpable This article is a compilation from nearly dance studio owners and teachers who answered the question, "What is the most effective thing that you have done at your studio to encourage people to take action and register for classes?

    In an effort to maintain the voice of the generous contributors, the answers have been posted with little editing: we only removed duplicate replies, fixed up some punctuation and removed any personal identifying information. We're keeping it real! We want this to be your best year yet! If you get a new idea or try something that makes a difference, we'd love to hear from you. The more that people are dancing, the better it is for all of dance. Here's the list, enjoy!