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Ancestors of the starting individual Creates a book about the ancestors of the starting individual. It is possible to limit the number of generations shown. Descendants of the starting individual Creates a book about the descendants of the starting individual. Descendants can be either shown "Organized by families" or "Organized by generations".

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Relatives of the starting individual Creates a kinship book about individuals related to the starting individual. It is possible to limit the degree of kinship shown and you may decide to use civil law or canon law rules for calculating the degree of kinship. Alphabetical family register Creates a book about all individuals found in your database.

The individual families are arranged in alphabetical order according to the husband's surname and receive an order number. Additional features are frequently added. You can update an existing Family Book Creator installation free of charge. For more details please look at: How do I get Program Updates? This plugin is distributed on a try-before-you-buy basis, which gives you the opportunity to test the Evaluation version for a period of 30 days to make sure it works on your computer and to allow you to preview its many features.

To continue using it after the trial period is over, you have to license the product. About Disclaimer Help. The ultimate extension for Family Tree Maker Home Features Download Free! Features The goal of the Family Book Creator plugin for Family Tree Maker is to create a book document that allows you to publish a family history book from data stored in your Family Tree Maker database, more or less on the fly — in just a few steps. Included Families and Content : Family Book Creator is able to create the following types of books: Ancestors of the starting individual Creates a book about the ancestors of the starting individual.

Sophisticated book documents are created including the following common book items: title page, colophon, dedication, foreword, table of contents, introduction, and indexes of places and individuals.

The output of personal data for all ancestors, descendants or relatives of an individual is placed in a narrative report for each individual. Data about the individuals included in the main part of the book can be inserted in the foreword and introduction. Non-biological relationships like stepmother or guardian are also mentioned in the narrative report, if the information has been recorded properly in Family Tree Maker.

Included Details: Family Book Creator allows full control of all predefined and custom facts to be included in the family section for the primary person, their partners and respective children. Person notes, research notes and fact notes also private ones can be included in the narrative report.

For each supported fact type, alternate facts and private facts can optionally be included. The appropriate weekday is included in the text for the birth fact if the exact date of birth of an individual is known. If birth and death dates are known, the age of the deceased person is calculated and included in the output.

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If birth and marriage dates are known, the age of bride and groom is included in the output for the marriage fact. For some fact types, it is possible to specify how fact values from description fields should be handled. They may be omitted, inserted as place detail in the sentence, or inserted as content in additional sentences. For selected facts, it is possible to include source citations as footnotes.

When a source is identical to previously given citations, cross-references are used. This feature reduces the inclusion of multiple identical source citations.

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Layout and Presentation: Each family is presented in its own section containing a graphical family tree family chart as well as a description with information about each referenced person and the respective children. Additionally it is possible to include a photo album for that family. Optional family charts depict graphically ancestors and descendants of a family, including the thumbnail portraits.

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If your data includes wedding pictures or other images, those pictures can be included in the family charts as well. Optional it is possible to include information from recorded facts and events in table style format in a list of facts and events paragraph. A photo album allows including media elements at the end of a family section. It is possible to include media elements linked to the spouse or partner as well. It is also possible to specify which media elements should not be included in your books.

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Page size and margins can be set by the user. It is also possible to insert additional page breaks before family sections or to select the usage of mirrored page margins.

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The index of places can include geographical coordinates and individuals associated with those places as well. The index of people can be grouped by surname or by the first letter of each surname. Optional it is possible to include references to media elements in the Index of Individuals. The siblings provide a whole new perspective on naming patterns. In cultures where children are named after aunts and uncles, given names can corroborate, or hint at missing, family members in the previous generation.

Charting Companion makes the most compact charts, while preserving clarity and legible font size. Descendant Chart, Left-to-right.

The advantage of the Left-to-right format is that it takes up far less space, while maintaining legibility. Descendant Fan Chart. Charting Companion is the only program that prints the Descendant Fan Chart. The Descendant Fan Chart combines the appealing format of the fan chart, with the richness of the Descendant tree.

Free Family Tree Chart Template

Trellis Chart. The Trellis Chart is the only chart that displays every one in your family tree. Based on research by European Ph.

Ds, the Trellis is the first innovation in genealogy graphics since Progeny introduced the commercial fan chart in With Charting Companion, you can embroider your family tree on a T-shirt or vest. This unique way of displaying your research will be a hit at the family reunion.

Fan chart - Radial and Circumferential printing. Circumferential is used for the early generations because it is the best way to fit the names in the broad and shallow sectors.