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Failure chips away at us. In truth, however, this chipping is chiseling, sculpting you into a better person. With every mistake you make, you learn a lesson, and with every lesson learned, you develop into a dynamic individual with a fresh understanding of the world.

Rediscovering Yourself and Rebuilding Your Life After Loss

Your failures carve and shape you into your best self, stronger and sharper. After all, how dull would life seem if you were always successful in everything you tried? Or take Robert Downey, Jr. Put aside a significant portion of time for serious self-reflection. Confront the fundamental flaws in your character that resulted in your failure. Through examination and self-evaluation, you can change your behavior to avoid potential issues and grow into a more confident, competent person. Look to the future, not back into the past.

5 Ways To Rebuild Your Life After A Loss

Treat optimism like a muscle you can exercise. We can be aware of our pain without letting it control us. Not allowing ourselves to be controlled by our pain and disappointment is a huge step in the process of growth. It will be hard, but it is not impossible. Keep moving forward.

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When my life fell apart I decided to do some things that I had always wanted to do. I started taking yoga, I got a tattoo, I went out of the country and I started my own business. All of these things were things I had wanted to do but somehow I felt more of a push to do them once my life changed. You may want to redecorate a room, take a cooking class, train for a marathon; whatever it may be, choose to do something for yourself that you can be excited about and look forward to.

Everyday Power

Having a goal or new hobby will help alleviate some of the pain and will also help you begin building something new for the future. New things bring us new life and joy, and having those positive and happy things will help so much with the healing process. But learning how to be good to yourself in the midst of it will be such a powerful thing.


By learning to be brave, to step out and try new things, and by giving yourself permission to invest in yourself with self-care and self-love, you will begin to grow and heal. And in the midst of it all, give yourself some grace. You are human, you are allowed to feel.

Not only that but you are beautiful, vulnerable and capable of so much. Remember those things when the changes feel overwhelming.

Addicted 2 Success

You can make it, I promise. How do I know?

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