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At this point you should know that the Messiah had the same name as Joshua the successor of Moses. However Joshua is also called Jehoshua in Num. Which need healing! Sin is a disease that people need to be healed of! The opposite seems to happen in the book of Revelation, the good man made the waters sweet, but the bad man makes them bitter.

Visiting U2 sites in Dublin, a U2 Fan bucketlist.

When this fallen angel pretends to be the Messiah, the waters will not be made sweet as a result, but made bitter….. Because God knew that Adam would fail the conditions of his immortality, He provided for One who would redeem fallen mankind. Through one man, Adam, sin entered the world, but through another Man, Jesus Christ, redemption through the forgiveness of sin is available to all Romans Those who avail themselves of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross will see the tree of life again, for it stands in the middle of the Holy City, the New Jerusalem Revelation , We decided to have some fun being other people.

Mocking the devil, either in words or in costume, is also spoken of in the Bible in a very negative way. Isaiah The song is a tribute or illustration or reminder to us, of martyrs to this ideal.

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Crime does pay … Bono. Cheap cosmetics! Anarchy has everything to do with lawlessness and rebellion. It is, secretly and underground. But the time will come when the Anarchist will no longer be held back, but will be let loose. The Master Jesus will be right on his heels and blow him away. The Master appears and—puff! All his power and signs and miracles are fake, evil sleight of hand that plays to the gallery of those who hate the truth that could save them.

The Message Bible. We were all playing together in the big recording room, a huge, eerie ballroom full of ghosts of the war , and everything fell into place. It hits straight into the heart. The meaning of the song gets even more complicated when you take into account the music videos. Remarkably, the band made three separate videos to accompany the song, and they could not be more different from one another.

The first video version , directed by Anton Corbjin and shot in sepia, shows the band in Berlin, driving in Trabant cars, and dressed in drag. Bono—in drag—sings to his own father. The fact that proceeds from the single were donated exclusively to AIDS charities further fuelled this line of speculation. C Universal-Island Records Ltd.

But the second video takes things in a completely different direction. Okay then. Finally, the third version depicts Bono sitting in a bar, smoking a cheroot, interspersed with footage of the band performing the song live.

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In the beginning there was nothing … and then there was Aid, and Bono. The bible tells us the judgement for those who stand with the sons of cain. And wherefore slew he him? I think Bono is a — you know, a great example of using his gifts. It is a fearful thing to be highly regarded by not only pop-Christian leaders, but also top celebrities and politicians. How is it that a professing Christian like Bono can be on top of the world? The world hears and receives it own.

Bono is embraced and given the upper-hand in both religious and political spheres of influence. Many are following Bono in social justice but throwing the Gospel out the window. This is a politicized social Gospel which is contrary to the doctrine of Christ… Bibleprophecy. The story of U2 might be this: having begun as a band that was uncertain about the idea of pursuing a life of faith through music, they have resolved that uncertainty.

Their thin ecclesiology has become thick.

Today, they are their own faith community…. They are almost exclusively written in the first person. So when you sing along with the song, you are actually expressing agreement with the heart and soul of the writer. You too? In fact, it is because of lyrics like these being strewn about their songs, that many people have claimed them to be a Christian band.

But what does the very next line of the song say? And anyone who sings along with this song does the same thing! Notice, even the title of this song conveys double-mindedness. What does that remind you of?

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It reminds me of Christ and His disciples in the ship. Jesus walks on the water to them, gets in the ship, the winds stop, and they make it to shore. Remember though, that Judas Iscariot was also on the ship. Once again, Christ is rejected. These next two lyrics are more blatantly against Christ, and downright blasphemous. So watch this now. He was basically cursing the day that Jesus rose from the dead!

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He calls evil good and good evil, just like Scripture says. He will be cursing the day he was born one day, unless he repents. It seems that he was a little too lazy this time to be deceptive ,and just comes out and says it. Love, rescue me! He blatantly outright curses the rod and staff of the Lord! He hates His correction, and curses Him! What love is that?

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  4. This time, he not only rejects Christ again! U2 are Antichrist, and of the devil. There are dozens more examples that prove this even more, but this should be enough to close the case. It is for me…Dan Brooks. The members of U2 do not support any specific church or denomination. Very rarely do they attend church at all. Louis, quoted in Blu-Print, April 25, Bono believes that heaven and hell are here and now. He does not believe in a literal hell as is described in the Word of God. The members of U2 do not believe Christianity should have rules and regulations.

    Jesus Himself indicates that punishment in hell is just as everlasting as life in heaven Matthew The wicked are forever subject to the fury and the wrath of God. Those in hell will acknowledge the perfect justice of God Psalm Those who are in hell will know that their punishment is just and that they alone are to blame Deuteronomy Yes, hell is real.

    Yes, hell is a place of torment and punishment that lasts forever and ever, with no end. Praise God that, through Jesus, we can escape this eternal fate John , 18, Are those in the Emerging Churches saved but extremely shallow and immature? Or is it possible that they never were saved in the first place? When I speak truth about false teachers to their followers, I am attacked and accused of judging.

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    We will go in circles about this, but it always comes back to being told that I am a judgmental and mean spirited person. Sometimes I feel like ignoring these types, but then I remember that the Lord wants us to always speak truth …by Geri Ungurean. U2 has a great influence in the emerging church and the contemporary worship movement.

    Exposing the Post-modern Errors of the Emerging Church, p. Bono, in the s, was, if not worshipped, then absolutely adored by millions of Christian youth who were hanging on his every word. They saw his cool kind of Christianity.