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Step 1: The Cleansing

Holding the symbols in place for two to five minutes at a time will initiate full memory transfer and bring forward long forgotten remembrances of the past. The more it is used, the better the results! A divine diagram depicting the etheric ascension Bridge between our 3D world and the new 5D, ascended Earth; aligns one with the Divine Plan and the 5D transformation matrixes for personal and global change; connected to the Celestial and Galactic Hierarchies and the Interplanetary Ascended Masters; inspires participation and global connection.

Brings joy and resurrection to the soul and spirit; allows one to perceive the animated personalities of inanimate objects brooms, mops, dishes, furniture, etc. Through life we experience divine mortality in all of its simplicities and complexities. Through our minds we shape the world around us and the future of things to come. Through our hearts we find the way to live in grace and to become a light for others. Through the gentle guidance of Spirit we are reminded of the purpose of our coming and the direction for which we are destined to travel. Through change and transition we find hope and humility, allowing us to grow in new directions and truly understand the plight of humanity.

Through friendship we form an unbreakable yet often fragile connection, which will live on eternally throughout the passage of time. Through our children we remember and return to a place of wonder, excitement and inspiration that is the true gift of life.

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Through faith we live the journey of resurrection and begin the process of communion within ourselves. Through our universal desire for peace we unite and receive the blessing of the Creator. With these understandings, we re-ignite the flames of compassion and freedom; leading us to a new destination and awakening the many generations to come.

Additionally, the stars depict the celestial guidance and support we have at this time, while the doves represent our freedom and ultimate journey to peace. This will lift your thoughts and emotions, allowing you to perceive, on occasion, 4th and 5th dimensional manifestations with your 3D eyes. This includes angelic, elemental and galactic activity within our sphere of existence. Each and every day ongoing, live, streaming, galactic transmissions are being sent via secure telepathic channel to all Earth and off-planet ambassadors from the Ashtar Command and Brotherhoods of Light.

These multi-level and often complex audio-visual signals are received and integrated easily by all beings who are working in alignment with the greater plan. These signals will vary slightly, depending on whether the message being sent is of a more general or personalized nature.

When one connects with these transmission accelerators, they give the recipient the ability to see and integrate these communications on a more conscious level. This leadership signal includes different levels of information for all ground crew and airborne command divisions, including contact point coordinates as well as various dispensation and assistance details.

The healing frequencies contained within the signal are for the mind, the body and the emotions; helping one to remain grounded as well as mentally and emotionally aligned, while allowing the body to remain in a balanced state of overall health. These can include earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, meteors and all types of transportation threats, in addition to dangerous military maneuvers and risky scientific experimentation. When this transmission is sent, it serves to put the ground crew on alert, giving us potential timelines and locations where the command ships on stand-by will be located to lift all Earth personnel to safety.

The signal is often sent to specific personnel, leading them away from certain locations and offering alterative travel options. This signal is extremely high frequency and is accompanied by an electronic humming sound and verbal transmission. This transmission is always updated and will keep you up-to-speed regarding all significant interdimensional happenings. The key lies in the energy pattern and design configuration, brought forward through the multidimensional stargate language from Alcyone. As you are assimilating the template, it will upgrade your consciousness and thought processes to a new level of awareness where the impossible becomes possible.

This image is also linked to Nikola Tesla and Alpha Centuri. Sacred geometry can be described as the basic underlying patterns and building blocks of all living things in existence, including our human bodies. Study and meditation allow certain geometrical forms to activate and awaken our consciousness through their multidimensionality; this, in turn helps us to gain insight into the scientific, philosophical, psychological, aesthetic, and mystical laws of the universe.

In addition to the basic sacred geometry image, this accelerator contains a special, magical design which overlays the geometry and unlocks its secrets. The omnipresent Flower of Life is composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles which are arranged so that they form a flower-like pattern with a six-fold symmetry. This symbol is over six thousand years old and provides a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all mankind.


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It is also a gateway into the Akashic Records; a past-present-future database containing the unlimited knowledge of this entire planet. To access this magical portal, focus on it for a few moments during quiet meditation. In addition to the basic sacred geometry image, this accelerator contains a special magical design which overlays the geometry and unlocks its secrets. The Sri Yantra is a sacred, geometrical configuration formed by nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from the center point; the junction between the physical universe and its unmanifest source.

It represents Sri Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance in geometric form. Five of these triangles point downwards, representing Shakti or the Feminine. Together the nine triangles are interlaced in such a way as to form 43 smaller triangles in a web, symbolic of the entire cosmos or a womb, symbolic of creation.

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This is surrounded by a lotus of eight petals, a lotus of sixteen petals, and an earth square resembling a temple with four doors. This geometry allows you to access the balance point within yourself and the mysteries contained within your spiritual blueprint. Although it is similar to the magic square, the cryptex and many mathematical codes, it is the ultimate magical container.

Very simply, it is the box and the incubator in which the seed of First Light is born; the concept by which we believe in resurrection and ascension. Among its attributes are the three directions of up and down, side to side, and front to back, with the concept of a cube within a cube. This geometric design allows you to access your own innate creativity and the alchemical processes for original design.

This Plan is being overseen by hosts of Angels, Ascended Masters and many great luminous beings who are here to assist us on our journey into higher consciousness. This accelerator awakens one to their divine heritage and initiates the reuniting of all twin flames within this sphere of existence. The amazing and mysterious crop circles are living pictograms, an integral part of our planetary destiny, that carry an unspoken language connecting people and creating invisible bridges between cultures and nations all over the world.

These designs contain consciousness trigger-signals and multidimensional teachings that shift and upgrade human consciousness when viewing or experiencing the phenomena directly.

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The crop circles have evolved from simple encodements to include vast amounts of off-planet data and teachings for humanity. Some of these formations are actually created to restore missing harmonics and energy frequencies within the Earth, while others are part of a larger project to prepare the planet and educate humanity. Although primarily orchestrated by the Space Federation, many of the formations are now being created by humans, which was a key part of the creative plan from the beginning.

Subsequently, the evolving pictogram project requires human participation on many levels to move it to its highest potential. Therefore, many of the individuals who are making them are actually being trained telepathically to create these wonders for humanity.

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The Holographic Key image is actually a silent code-breaking technology which is being given to humanity at this time to help us to understand the crop circles on a deeper level. This is accomplished by simply interfacing with the image visually and learning to hold it in your mind while connecting with the pictogram formations. Basically, the holographic key holds a silent telepathic sound, which when sent from the mind into the formation or photograph, will trigger the blueprints to open.

Each individual will receive the information based on his or her mission and job description, i. These interpretations will then move the project to its next level through the creative application and sharing of various aspects of the knowledge.

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Further instructions will be given as the project evolves. These off-world organizations are comprised of representatives from many planets and dimensions within and beyond our own galaxy. Their purpose is one of space exploration, research, education, spiritual development and the protection of many worlds such as our planet Earth.

These codes are part of a larger symbol-field of universal, intergalactic energy and data transmissions which are understood and received at the soul level by all living beings including humans, animals, plants, crystals and planets. These Master Codes number in the hundreds and are constantly evolving and assisting a wide variety of life-forms within our universe. The symbols can travel vast distances at the speed of light and will reconfigure themselves according to the vibration of the receiver.

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This specific configuration can be used for transforming, upgrading and healing the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies through meditation. Individually, the codes can be focused upon to access the larger 6D symbol-field and facilitate telepathic contact with other civilizations and life-forms in the past, present or future. Created through the gentle magic of Lemurian dreamtime alchemy, this image heralds the return of the Galactic Brother and Sisterhoods of Light.

It carries the energy and power of suns and is also intimately connected to many ancient, indigenous cultures and their connections to the cosmos. Furthermore, this human-potential accelerator provides an access point to all of the sacred sites and energetic vortexes on Earth, as well as all hidden time-capsules which contain the keys to our galactic origins. To use, meditate on the central spiral and allow your consciousness to enter the Thousand Suns gateway, stating your destination and intention.

As you do this, your mind will begin to drift for a moment and then begin its connection with the intended destination. Be aware that the imagery or pieces of information may seem abstract or fragmented at first, but the whole picture will unfold the more you connect with the image. Millions of individuals all over the planet are now taking part in a global movement to heal the Earth and awaken the masses. Working with us in this united effort are the Ashtar Command and the Ascended Masters, along with many legions of angels and illumined beings of light.

This image provides inspiration, as well as a focal point, for this global healing and offers a transmission from the Federation for all of humanity.

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This is a response for all those who have called us here to assist humanity in making a conscious transition into a new dimensional reality; The 7th Golden Age of Light. We are here and ready to help prepare you for this time-shift and offer this encoded time-capsule to assist in your quest for higher consciousness. Frequent contemplation on this image will help to place your mind in a higher state of awareness and open new pathways of receptivity to our telepathic streams of information and energy. May this message of hope, unity and universal brotherhood help to further initiate the new paradigm of everlasting peace, prosperity and freedom for all humanity!

If you would like to be part of this activity of light, you can connect each morning with the Earthstar Team by focusing your energy and saying the following affirmations.