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That each of us is ordinary, doing the best we can with what we have been given, and with what we have chosen to develop. And when I am communing in that way with others, I am in touch with what I have come to know as Spirit. By loving and offering support wherever I can, in whatever small way I can, I find meaning in the moment. And since life is made up of moments, I can focus on those, and not have to ponder the imponderable or drive myself nuts with how many angels can actually dance on the head of a pin.

Rather than get stuck in that place of no return, I return to the spiritual experiences, the transcendence of this level that I can have in the quiet when the peace descends and love enfolds. We live in stressful times with people searching for significance in the chaos and peace in the turmoil.

Love is the Answer

I think it can be helpful to look at the ways in which each of us finds meaning and then share that not only with everyone we know, but also with anyone who is looking. Jan was born, raised and has lived in Southern California for all of her life, where she has worked with foundations and non-profits in the areas of human growth and development, involving projects ranging from fund-raising to community outreach.

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She has two wonderful children and two equally wonderful grandchildren. But she has also yo-yoed between a size two to a size She must have tried every diet ever invented and made up some on her own.

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Her highest weight was pounds. Every diet and program only led to more weight gain until she finally learned how to heal herself through the techniques of Personal Transformation. She learned what works and know how to work it. She chose to love herself and to live fully. She has allowed herself to feel authentically.

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She lives her life from a spiritual perspective and believes that all roads lead to God. For the most of the past decade, she has committed her life to helping others. As a Transformational Guide, she has worked closely with individual clients and families.

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She has spoken before audiences both large and small. She has used her trained intuitive awareness combined with her life experience. You can learn recipes from professional chefs while adjusting the ingredients, increasing the portion sizes and getting extra help and advice whenever you need it. Try it out and create the Tasty dish of your dreams! You're in the driver's seat of this interactive trip The first results don't feel like your best self You're in the drivers seat of this interactive trip Jill is a hot mess.

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It's up to YOU to navigate through a series of awkward moments that either leave her somewhat dignified or even hot-messier. Starring Milana Vayntrub, and created by Sandeep Parikh. It's up to YOU to navigate through awkward moments that either leave her somewhat dignified or even hot-messier. Join Kelly and her band of misfit hackers as they transform from pranksters to leaders of the international movement WarGames and take on the powers that be. Join Kelly and her band of misfit hackers as they take on the powers that be under the handle WarGames.

Charlie is a young lad trying to hold on to a job.

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But he suffers from user-interactivitis, a rare brain disease which means you get to choose his words for him. And you know what that means: Charlie gets fired. Have fun ruining his life!