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The story centers around three women whose husbands are pretty much the deadbeats and end up going to prison for robbery. Their husbands are part of the Irish mob. I enjoyed him the most with his dark sense of humor about how to kill people and chop up their bodies. Her character is a bitch and you do want her to die, but Margo Martindale is fantastic, so you do end up rooting for her character because of her performance.

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As I said the movie is not truly unique when it comes to a mob movie. One may describe the members of Mother Superior as being the collective savior of Henry Rollins musically. Had this union never occurred, the release Come In and Burn , may well have been the last official Rollins Band release.

At their first rehearsal, incidentally at the same practice room Black Flag first rehearsed in almost two decades earlier, four songs were written in one night and the rest is history.

Get Some Go Again was written in a mere five days and recorded shortly after Rollins returned from his international spoken word tour. Now comes our turn, with Rollins Band finally gracing the shores of Australia once again, kicking off their tour in Sydney on April However, I was greeted by a very warm and inviting, yet exhausted Blake. The room was a far cry from the old Rollins Band days of sleeping in the tour van, but the comfort is well deserved.

It is his first time out of the States and all the site seeing has finally caught up. We begin our interview, settled around the coffee table, with the muted characters of Neighbors staring out at us from the television screen.

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Is that why you asked him to come and produce the Mother Superior album Deep? Man, where does it start?

Me and Jim, the guitar player, lived together. And he had worked at a record store, a used record store, that Henry came in to and Jim gave him a Mother Superior CD- a couple of demos, years ago. We have kept in touch since then. So we were friends first. Then he was having problems with the old band. Yeah, so he was thinking of doing new stuff, and I guess him producing the Deep album was kind of like the test.

I heard that Rollins really dug your album Deep. If it was more than three takes, move onto the next song. Were you surprised when Rollins came to you and asked you to record some songs with him? It was a good surprise though. It was going to be a couple of people. Did you have any idea at the time that what you were working on was going to be the new Rollins Band album? No, no.

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We had heard good things that they had said about the album, so I think it was pretty positive. Legendary place. David Bowie recorded Station to Station there. So they just kept it there The tracks were laid down and mastered in a relatively short period of time. It took only five or so days to get everything down?


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Compared to the last Rollins Band album from , Come in and Burn, which took 18 months. That was one of the good things about first playing with Henry, too. We had just gone to a rehearsal studio, the same one he first rehearsed with Black Flag at, by chance. And we came out with four songs that night, the first rehearsal! So we had applied that to the recording technique.

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  2. Breakfast with the Blazers: Steve Blake returns, this time as coach.

It worked out great. Did you find that a little strange? Like bringing someone into your band?

Marcus Blake

Were still trying to get used to it in a way. You guys have definitely bought a new element to Rollins Band. He wanted something a little bit simpler, a straight out hard rock album. And he was quick too. Were you given creative freedom as far as writing your own bass lines? I would have bailed a long time ago I think. Had Rollins written some material for you to work off before he approached Mother Superior or did you just jam out? Me and Jim, our guitar player, have been playing together since we were ten and eleven each. Playing forever!

Just for my own pleasure or for demoing. And I think it works well. You used a Fender Jazz and a Rickenbacker for recording? Do you have any preference in what you play, over the two? We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Published: Aug Buy from our partners. A young man turning 21 years of age is told a story by his father; it is the story of his family and how he came to be named after his great grandfather.

The story starts in with a man by the name of Mitch Collins sitting in a doctor's office waiting for the bad news that he's going to die. With only a few months to live he embarks on a journey across America to see some things for the last time and to say goodbye. He has lived a hard life with an estranged family but he lived a full life.