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As we create new installments of our unique online curriculum, we will add them to this page. Each edition will contain a link to its own webpage to allow you to download all the necessary files for that series of lessons. If you are a secondary school teacher in the Tampa Bay area and wish to inquire about participating in the workshops or using the curricula, please contact Noel Smith or Dr.

A two-person exhibition, featuring the work of Los Angeles-based artist Rodrigo Valenzuela b. Though both artists rearrange, reconstruct and ultimately distort reality, they do so ultimately to arrive at objects and images that undermine their own truth telling. This is true of all modes of human thought and expression: it applies equally to the work of the artist, economist, philosopher, scientist and politician.

Viera, M. The program is co-directed by Dr. They combined the presentation of objects and performances inside an exhibition venue with artist-directed activities that engaged and supported communities in the Tampa Bay area affected by political or social invisibility. What is powerful is to be seen. The opening night artist conversation is made possible by the generous support of Dr. Allen Root in honor of his late wife Janet G. For three decades, Miki Kratsman has been one of the leading chroniclers of life in the Israeli-occupied territories.

The exhibition also includes a video titled 70 Meters White T-shirt , and several recent photographic series. This exhibition invites Cuban and Cuban-American artists to reflect on the consequences of the recent fluctuations in the relationship between the two countries.

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Belgian artist David Claerbout has explored the conceptual framework of duration through use of film and digital photography throughout his career. His skilled manipulation of still and moving images appears to capture another dimension of existence, shifting between past and present. The resultant works are immersive environments in which the viewer is invited to engage both philosophically and aesthetically. Download the Fall teaching resources document for Black Pulp! InsideArt: PDF.

The Association between Braille Reading History and Well-being for Blind Adults

This includes scoring electronic student work onscreen; using rubrics to provide feedback to students and parents; instructional planning, including individualization; and collaborating with colleagues. This fast-moving session is exclusively for teachers who are looking for ways to be more creative in teaching science.

This session, filled with discrepant event demonstrations, will provide you with a new perspective on teaching science. You will get your students hooked on science!

This is a continuation of the Education Minnesota's Summer Seminar track of the same name. It is an all-day session that will provide attendees from Summer Seminar session the opportunity to share, network, plan and organize. Students made phenomenal, statistically significant gains in MCA reading levels, while non-singing students made no significant level gains.

Actively experience evidence-based singing strategies that dramatically improve literacy with your existing curricula. Topics will include definition and roles, laws and policies, ways to support your students, students with disabilities and cyberbullying. Together, we can all help create a world without bullying. This introductory workshop combines both the current status of race in America as well as the current statistics that support the need for this work directed at the opportunity gap and African American youth in the educational system.

Using video footage from interviews with both white female teachers and black men and boys, this workshop facilitates an experiential workshop designed to generate new avenues of reflection and action for white teachers. Presenter: Eddie Moore Jr. Building community through circle will be our top priority, along with grounding ourselves for the work ahead. Come with an open heart and open mind as we start our REA work together!

After participants complete the course, they implement a 3 -to 5-month action research project. Educators document the process and results in an action research paper. In this session, an MPS educator will share their project plan, reflection and results with visuals and proven activities that conference participants can take with them and use with their students.

Examine how ABE supports healthy identity development, respect across differences and understanding bias. Participants will learn ABE theory and practices that create identity safety, belonging and equity and increase the impact of CLR strategies. General education teachers and ESPs will learn about what autism is and how it presents itself in our students and take away easy-to-use strategies.

Presenter: Jana Hedlund, teacher, North St. In this session, we'll explore Collaborative Problem Solving, an evidence-based approached to challenging behavior that is grounded in skill development and relationship. Through lecture, storytelling and video examples, participants will leave with practical skills they can put to use immediately. These items can be used in a variety of ways, including examples for formative assessment development or supplemental classroom materials. This session will teach educators how to navigate and use this great resource.

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Ideas will be shared using devices and applications such as ozobots, scratch, specdrums and quivervision. Learn a variety of dialogue strategies and structures that shift the cognitive load to all students. From math to physical education, dialogue is a powerful and inclusive tool that promotes critical thinking for diverse students.

Walk away with instructional tools you can implement tomorrow. Be a safe space and circle of protection for youth. This one-hour class is for members of the community who want to learn best practices in suicide prevention. Participants will learn more about the effects of ACEs and trauma-informed education, as well as gain resources to help build resiliency through personal connections, provide character education and create a culture of giving and empathy for others.

This session will explore financial concepts necessary to being a financial decisionmaker. Both beginning and sophisticated financial decisionmakers are warmly welcome in this session. Why Not? An EcoTime card set will be given to each participant. Early research suggests analysis and deep critical thinking suffer when reading online.

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However, features such as note taking, highlighting, text to speech, hover dictionaries and read aloud options aid in comprehending. Explore how students can use these tools effectively and receive a free MackinVIA account to access these resources. Try Singing! We Have Strategies for You! And the good news is, English learner strategies work with all students!

Participants get one full Project Learning Tree lesson and the option to buy PLT's climate module with 14 in-depth, hands-on activities for grades After participants complete the course, they implement a 3- to 5-month action research project. Anti-bias education empowers educators to have discussions with children on identity, differences and bias, creating belonging and preventing bias-based meanness. Certification is available in 16 different disciplines and four developmental levels. Eligible candidates demonstrate advanced knowledge, skills and practice in their individual certificate area by completing three portfolio entries and a computer-based assessment.

Conventional classroom activities, including family trees, family days at school and even show-and-tell, can present learners with situations that feel profoundly unsafe. Therefore, secured notes and bonds are usually much less risky investments when compared to unsecured notes and bonds. The terms of a note usually require the repayment of the obligation within a year period. Annuity salespeople can earn commissions of up to 15 percent on the dollar amount invested.

These people are highly motivated to sell annuity products. Be skeptical, and do not be intimidated by a salesperson. Always make sure that you understand all of the applicable terms of a particular contract before committing, or consult an unbiased professional advisor. Issuers of notes can include federal and local governments, corporations, small businesses, individuals, and essentially any entity or person that can legally sign such a document. Bonds — Bonds have the same characteristics as notes, except that they are longer-term obligations.

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The terms of a bond typically require the full repayment sometime after a year period. As with notes, issuers of bonds can include various types of entities as well as individuals. Municipal Notes and Bonds — These are fi xed income securities issued by a state, city, or local government municipalities. Municipalities issue notes and bonds to raise capital for general purposes and for specific projects like the construction of roadways, schools, and hospitals.

The interest paid on municipal securities is usually exempt from federal tax, and when purchased by a resident of the state where the municipality is located, the interest payments are usually exempt from any state tax. High-Yield Bonds — Often referred to as junk bonds, high-yield bonds are sold by companies having weaker credit strength than issuers of higher-credit bonds. To reward investors for this increased risk, they are paid a higher than normal rate of interest, or higher yield, than alternative securities having less risk.

Many corporations like The Boeing Company sell notes and bonds to investors to raise money to build new manufacturing facilities, start new product lines, buy other companies, and for general investment purposes. Municipal notes and bonds can be purchased individually or by buying shares in a mutual fund that invests in municipal securities. Municipal securities are often bought by people who are in high tax brackets due to the tax exemptions provided. Because of the tax-free nature of these securities, the interest rates received are often lower than those paid by comparable corporate and federal government securities.

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Municipal securities are considered riskier than securities issued by the federal government, but safer than securities issued by most corporations.