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Is there ever a good scientific reason to turn brains into soup? From the Vault: Finite and Infinite Games. How do you play the game of life? Do you play it as a finite game or an infinite one? Q2: Bones of the Plumed Serpent. The Soap Dragon. What monsters of fatty flesh lie slumbering in the sewer guts of our great cities?

Join Robert and Joe as they venture into the dark to discover the beast we all made together. Tune in for a discussion on inherent vulnerability, looming technology and what needs to happen to protect us. Originally published June 1, Learn more about your ad-choi The Great Wave.

StormRaven's 100 and Beyond in 2012

For centuries, sailors have told stories of mountainous killer waves that rise out of the ocean without warning. Join Robert and Joe for a discussion of the history and science of rogue waves. The Doppelganger Network.

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In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Joe discuss Doppelgangers, fairy imposters, the brain basis for the feeling of familiarity, and a unique way of understanding the impact of social media and modern communications technology. From the Vault: Beyond the Uncanny Valley. From bad CGI characters to creepy humanoid robots, everyone knows the uncanny valley effect when they see it.

But where did this idea come from and to what extent is it actually a thing? Join Robert and Joe as they descend into the uncanny valley and explore just what's going on in our minds when we lock eyes with less-than-human simulacrums. Listener Mail: Sacred Squirrels and More. Join Robert, Joe and your friendly neighborhood mailbot dig into your thoughts on recent episodes. Introducing Ephemeral. Lost materials, dropped threads, forgotten stories. All those things, tangible and intangible, that you wish you could take just one more look at before they vanish into the past.

Wharton, Edith 1862-1937

Listen wherever podcasts are found and learn more at www. Deep Sea Ecology with Diva Amon. In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Joe chat with deep sea marine biologist Diva Amon about life in the deep ocean -- from the wonderous organisms that thrive there to the human activities that threaten their future. From the Vault: Into the Uncanny Valley. The far side of the uncanny valley rises steeply, assaulting our psyche as our artificial human likenesses creep ever closer toward perfection. But what happens when we actually emerge on the other side?

What happens to human society when video footage is no longer the gold standard? Robert and Joe investigate. The Science of Thulsa Doom, Part 2. In fact, it's TWO episodes.

The Science of Thulsa Doom. Why does heredity hold such power over us?

Wharton, Edith 1862-1937

How did the ancients contemplate it and how is genetic technology changing the shape of future heredity? Harry Potter sends messages by owl. Meanwhile, real-life messenger pigeons have carried messages for thousands of years. In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Joe consider just why the homing pigeon is perfect for this job -- and why owls and ravens are not. Almost Cannibals. In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Joe consider some thought-provoking cases of predation and cannibalism in the animal world.

From the Vault: Coral Sex in the Sea. Sure coral reefs are rich, vibrant ecosystems, but did you know they also have a kinky side? Marah J.

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  • Hardt returns to chat about coral reproduction and the role this vital, threatened organism plays in our world. How do we consider and predict the actions and intentions of others? In this Stuff to Blow Your Mind two-parter, Robert and Joe consider the fundamental attribution error, which breaks down the errors and even dangers of causal cognition. Invention: Toilets, Part 1. If not, here's a taste of what they're up to in part 1 of their look at toilet technology, from the oldest latrine pit to the modern flushing commode.

    Aurora Leigh / Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    The Sacred Mountain, Part 2. Why do sacred mountains exist in so many cultures and myths? To what extent could high altitude conditions contribute to the way our mind processes these breathtaking environments? The Sacred Mountain, Part 1. Humans have known about cannabis for thousands of years, crafting hemp textiles and consuming its psychoactive THC. In this classic episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert Lamb and Christian Sager examine the cannabis plant, its travels through human populations and its famed sensory and psychological effects.

    The Imp of the Perverse. In , Edgar Allan Poe wrote a tale about a man overcome by the compulsion to confess to the heinous crime he sought to keep secret. The Pressure. Atmospheric pressure. Water pressure.

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    Geologic pressure. What exactly IS pressure and how do humans interact with it? Join Robert and Joe for a look at examples on and within planet Earth -- as well as beyond. From the Vault: Bicameralism, Part 2. In , psychologist Julian Jaynes presented the world with a stunning new take on the history of human consciousness. Join Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick as they dissect bicameralism and discuss the evidence, the criticisms an Against Narrative: Are stories bad for us? Part 2. Surely, these are some of the very things that define us. Part 1. From the Vault: Bicameralism, Part 1.

    The Dark Crystal. Listener Mail: The Quickening. From the Vault: Eternal Youth, Part 2. Throughout history, humans have faced the inexorable process of aging and death. Why do we age?

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    What purpose does it serve in natural selection? Indeed, what can science offer us in the way of eternal youth? Originally published Jan. Boy, politics really has gotten hideous, hasn't it? And protests seem a lot more violent than they were a couple of years ago. Are things getting worse? Could the U. Robert Evans says 'Yes!