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Her published articles are here. I find this the most comprehensive, clear and current collection of research in one spot.

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If you would like to view the 13 or 30 minute documentary I can provide you with a link — please contact me. Peta Stapleton will be delivering this training and I will be there to assist and may even deliver some modules Eeek! This training is for health and educational professionals only; typically any person who has completed a course of study in a field of health, such as a registered psychologist, counsellor, nurse or physician, or education professionals and teachers.

I feel very lucky to have received deep, thorough and professional training through DeepLiving with Bennie before he moved on to Fall In Love With Presenting. I have also attended his FILWP training and would recommend it to anyone that would like to hone their communication skills or reduce the anxiety or stress they experience when talking to a group or crowd.

This is not your normal presentation skills course — an that is why it is works! Certification process. We use EFT to release emotional charge and we aim to bring it to a neutral feeling which often ends up with you naturally reframing your feelings in a positive way. This allows us to reimprinting a wonderfully positive feeling and belief in place of the past negative ones.

Matrix Reimprinting can be a powerful way to release trauma and limiting beliefs in your life and changes your view and experience of the world from that point forward YES, that is absolutely possible!! It is important when dealing with trauma that you find a Certified Practitioner that you feel safe with. This is why I offer a free Discovery Session for us to see if we connect and if we can work in a way that is safe for you. I'm sitting there repeating the affirmation, "Even though I have this sadness, I deeply love and accept myself," while tapping on my temple. It's Tuesday at a.

I'm supposed to be telling Dr. Tranguch about the new patients I've admitted to the clinic, and he's supposed to be advising me on what medication to start them on, dosages, and side effects. Instead, Dr.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping Demonstration

Tranguch is tapping on his face, hands, and torso while repeating key phrases, and I'm following him like a trained monkey. I had thought of Dr.

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Tranguch as a hard-and-fast neuroscientist -- he did, after all, complete a Ph. But despite his scientific bent, he seemed to have a warm side, a set of laugh lines under his scholarly wire-rimmed glasses. Over time, I felt comfortable enough to disclose to him that I was a meditator, and while I thought medications were absolutely essential for some patients, I also found meditation very helpful in the treatment of some of my patients, in particular those with serious conditions like borderline personality disorder.

When Dr. Tranguch didn't scoff at the idea of meditation, and instead launched into an enthusiastic discussion about the benefits of alternative techniques in psychiatry, I was relieved. And intrigued.

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For years, Dr. Tranguch has been hypnotizing his patients, using techniques involving eye movements to treat trauma victims, and even experimenting with the Japanese spiritual practice of Reiki to heal patients. Even more intriguing, he had been using tapping techniques called "Emotional Freedom Techniques," or EFT, which he was demonstrating on me today. While EFT involves repeating loving self-affirmations, ECT involves inducing brain seizures via bursts of electricity to the temples.

But it turns out that although these are quite different treatments, both seem to be rapid and effective ways to relieve emotional distress. Here is how EFT works: I select a problem that causes me distress. I pick a recent loss and I name the emotion I feel for me, sadness, as opposed to anger, anxiety, craving, etc.

Tranguch demonstrates for me, while repeating the reminder phrase "this sadness. Tranguch as he rolls his eyes in different directions, counts forwards and backwards, and hums a bar of a familiar song for me, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". I feel pretty silly. But I also trust Dr.

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Tranguch, and I try my hardest to focus on the feeling and believe what I'm saying to myself. Tranguch tells me EFT involves techniques that combines exposure, cognitive restructuring, waking hypnosis, and physical relaxation while tapping on a sequence of pressure points and repeating key phrases out loud. The mechanism of action is unknown; but one suggestion is that physical stimulation of certain pressure points during exposure to an emotional trauma may send deactivating signals directly to the amygdala, or the "fear center" of your brain, resulting a rapid reduction of maladaptive fear.

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  7. At the end of the supervision session, Dr. Tranguch asks me conjure up the loss again: He calls upon me to focus on it and rate my sadness. But, try as I may to find the sadness, it's just not there. I concentrate harder: still nothing. I look up at Dr.

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    Tranguch in disbelief, and he smiles. I can tell he's had this reaction from patients and colleagues many times before. I'm incredulous, skeptical, and a little pissed off. Did that just work?

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    Was it a trick, a distraction technique? And if that did work, why did I bother going to medical school and doing a psychiatry residency? Fortunately for my ego and unfortunately for my emotional well-being, the effect soon wears off. Several hours later, I'm sad again.