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Clumsy hopping on crutches or limping instead of graceful walking. Having a foot fetish, I love how cute and vulnerable toes look sticking out from the cast with the rest of the foot hidden and immobile.

How the leg swings mid-air when a woman is hobbling around on crutches, how she rests with her leg propped up on pillows or with her arm in the sling… I could go on. And the psychological part is even more important here. How do you integrate the cast fetish into your erotic life? She even gives ideas for our next cast adventures.

See a Problem?

Doctor-patient role-play. Massages and worship. Creative ways of dealing with these unusual inconveniences, like discovering new sex positions.

Turned on By Smearing Body with Messy Food? - Bizarre Fetish Handbook

And having sex with a cast on can be great fun! What sort of relationship do you have with the cast fetish community? Moreover, the photographers and models know what the fetish is about so they know what to show to make it as attractive as possible. Are these people a large part of the community? How does the community deal with this?

If they can be recognized as users of specific cast fetish forums, they are quickly banned. Myself, I just find it unacceptable. I can accept that someone finds and saves a photo that is already public on, say, Instagram. Well, maybe some of these stalkers find real injuries to be attractive, but sadism is not a part of the cast fetish itself. A few years ago, I searched for some videos and one thumbnail looked nice, so I clicked on it.

In this case one size does not fit all. Some people are into sandals, some into heels, others into stilettos, some people just love feet in the nip.

The Ultimate Foot Fetish Guide: Why People Worship & Suck Toes

Find out what your partner likes, but also experiment for yourself — what do you enjoy wearing? What makes you feel powerful and sexy? I would start a typical Domination session by getting the sub to lick my shoes. Make him lie on his back, and suck off each of your toes one by one. Tell him you want his tongue to go around each toe, in and out the of gabs between and finally push as many as you can into his mouth to see how much he can take. But keep coming back to making him lick and kiss your delicate tootsies.

Place the penis between the arches of your feet and… have at it. Not at all! A11 the loving cruelty that you can create using your wicked feet or sexy footwear! Your feet and shoes are the implements of your wickedness! The amount of force or weight you put on them can vary from light and merely symbolic to heavy and intense — but never to a point that would cause damage. Be careful with stilettos or cleated shoes, and avoid putting your full weight on potentially lethal spikes. The easiest part of the foot to strike with, with the greatest control, is the inner side of the feet.

Vary the intensity according to the durability of the parts you are striking and, of course, the pain preference of your bottom. For a variation take the shoe off and use it like a paddle! Use your toes to pinch tender bits such as nipples, inner thighs and genitals. If the shoes have been worn outside, you may want to make sure that they are cleaned and covered with a condom or two.

Have them do that. Or take a shoe or boot off your foot, insert into their mouth and then tie it to their head as a gag. Is it a sandal dangling from bare feet, the smell of feet fresh from a workout at the gym, or boots just off the Harley?

AskMen's List of Kinks: Top 10 Fetishes

Is it the sight, smell or touch of your feet, shoes or boots? Figure this out and use it to your advantage! Bind them and then let them just close enough so they can nearly have what they want, but not quite. Truly a sadistic treat! Then make sure that they clean up their mess!

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Make the process fun by having them clean up with their tongue. You want to feel your sweet pain radiating up from your feet or in cruel shoes. Like the submissive, understand what it is that you delight in and how it makes you feel. Then figure out a way that your sadist can use your feet to fulfill their cruel lusts.

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Chapter 5. Up By Your Own Boot Straps: Self Pleasure Just like people into other kinds of sex, fetishists like to play by themselves as well as with other people. Some like to play with others more than alone and vice versa. Their shoes, socks or stockings, imbued with memories, touch and scent, might double as the fetish object and symbolic presence of the lover. Sometimes the shoes or boots might be totally unassociated with another person but simply loved for what they are, sexy shoes and boots.

Taking in the scent or enjoying the texture of the item during masturbation or using the item to masturbate with might be highly arousing for many, and might be a private pleasure enjoyed since the early years of their sexual lives. If you or your lover enjoys this, why not add to it by gifting them with a special foot or shoe related item of yours? Or lovingly ask your lover for such a thing for your own solo pleasure. You can also enjoy autoerotic foot stimulation.

Give yourself a good foot soak and a shiatsu rub. Chapter 6. If you have skin problems of the feet that could spread with contact, get them treated medically before proceeding.

The Sexy Foot Fetish Handbook by Danny Bright

Some things just aren? And if you are pregnant, have diabetes or any other foot-related issue, you may experience complications related to basic foot care, pedicures or other foot products. Please consult with your physician first. You can also find good information at www. Here are some ideas on pampering the tootsies. The fellows and hutches will love these too!

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Soaking offers relaxation, increased circulation, moisture, warmth and sensuality. Many enjoy the commonly available electric footbaths. Instead, why not create your own amazing erotic home foot spa? Soaks are also a great way to reduce anxiety for the lover who might be self conscious of foot odor. The home foot spa You will need: - A very large bowl.

Stainless steel mixing bowls work well too. Have some extra on standby too, just in case — an electric kettle will make this easy. Why the mood light, wardrobe and comfy sit? Because in the glaring overhead light of your everyday bathroom, seeing you dressed in sweats and perched on a hard stool commonly conjures up to-do lists in your lover?

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Line the bowl with some stones or marbles.