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Benjamin realizes that instead of trying to start over by forgetting his wife, he should accept that she will always be a part of him. Prior to the grand opening of the zoo, the facility passes a very stringent inspection from Ferris, who grudgingly wishes them good luck. Dylan, following his father's advice, confesses to Lily that he loves her and she forgives him. The week prior to the opening, the worst rainstorm in years is predicted to wash it out.

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The weather clears in time, but in the morning they are disappointed when no visitors arrive. They discover that a fallen tree has blocked the access road, with a large crowd of waiting visitors behind it.

The staff help them to climb over the tree. There are so many people that they run out of tickets, forcing Benjamin and Kelly to look for more. They end up face to face in a shed, where Kelly admits to Benjamin that she is romantically interested in him and since she "can't get a handle on it", she kisses him, telling him that maybe they can do it again on New Year's Eve ; Benjamin kisses her back, and tells her that he is looking forward to it.

Benjamin takes his children to the restaurant where he met their mother, explaining that it was the point where their existence became a possibility. He takes them through that day's encounter, where Benjamin worked up the nerve to talk to his future wife with "20 seconds of insane courage", and walks up to the table she was sitting at.

He visualizes her sitting there, and asks her why such an amazing woman would talk to someone like him. She responds, "Why not? Crowe traveled to the set of the film True Grit to persuade actor Matt Damon to take on the role of the lead character in the film. The song Gathering Stories was on the shortlist of 39 songs that have a chance of being nominated for Best Original Song Oscar at the 84th Academy Awards. The website's critical consensus reads, " We Bought a Zoo is a transparently cloying effort by director Cameron Crowe, but Matt Damon makes for a sympathetic central character.

Roger Ebert , reviewing for the Chicago Sun-Times , awarded the film 2. He added that the film's "pieces go together too easily, the plot is too inevitable, and we feel little real energy between the players". However, he praised Damon, whom he said "makes a sturdy and likable Benjamin Mee". She also noted that the film uses "classic movie logic", specifically pointing out the way that Benjamin quits his job and that he "doesn't agonize about how he'll keep his children housed, fed and clothed".

On the other hand, Dargis wrote that "you may not buy his [Cameron's] happy endings, but it's a seductive ideal when all of God's creatures, great and small, buxom and blond, exist in such harmony. The Hollywood Reporter commented that the "uplifting tale [the film] has heart, humanity and a warmly empathetic central performance from Matt Damon", although it "doesn't dodge the potholes of earnest sentimentality and at times overplays the whimsy"; ultimately concluding that "Cameron Crowe's film has some rough edges, but it ultimately delivers thanks to Matt Damon's moving performance.

The movie's plot and actual events differ. The real Benjamin Mee is British. The story was adapted for an American audience and Mee approved the changes. In real life, Benjamin's wife, Katherine, died after they had already bought the zoo and moved in.

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In real life, Benjamin's father had died and his mother needed to move; the farm cost the same price as his parents' house, and his mother came too. In the film, it occurred as a result of finding a house they liked. Instead of an escaping bear, as portrayed by the film, it was a jaguar called Sovereign that had escaped. In the film, the zoo was much easier to buy.

In real life, it took almost two years to buy. The movie moved that event up to the same date in This later date fell on a Wednesday, but was identified in the script as the original Saturday.

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The longtime gag-feud between Matt Damon and Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel continued at the 89th Academy Awards ceremony, where Kimmel jokingly mocked Damon's performance in the movie. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the film. For the book by the same name, see We Bought a Zoo book. Theatrical release poster. Ambient alternative rock soundtrack post-rock.

The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved Box Office Mojo.

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Cinema Blend. Los Angeles Times. Thousand Oaks Acorn. The Uncool. Retrieved March 27, Rotten Tomatoes. Fandango Media. Retrieved May 21, Keepers came up and saw what was occurring and made an attempt to separate the two.

Father's Day at the Zoo

But she continued to hang onto Nyack by the neck until he stopped moving," Mr Hagan said. A necropsy found that Nyack died of suffocation from injuries to the neck. The incident was under review but there were no plans to change how the lions would be managed, the zoo said. One of their offspring, a 3-year-old female named Sukari, was in the outdoor lion pen at the time, while the two male offspring were kept in a separate part of the exhibit. Zookeepers began separating the males earlier this year, corresponding the age they typically leave the pride, at 2 or 3, when they are considered young adults, Hagan said. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page.