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Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jun 13, Jessica rated it it was ok. What to say about this The story was good, the romance was good for the timeline, but I felt like it was very tame. I guessed the surprises and twists of the book early on and throughout the book.

Whether it was her feelings getting hurt, not leading Aida on but not rejecting her either, or not standing up for her by trying to appease his family in evading the truth. Marjorie was very harsh in the beginning but I understood why she would be. She dealt with her situation the way any woman in her position would. I admired her strong sense of protecting her land but agreed with the others that she put too much energy in defending her land BECAUSE her father told her to.

She put her happiness to the side in order to keep control of her home. She came across as caring about Ewen a lot more than he appeared to care about her. She was the one who sought him out, asked him to stay with her when she was scared, called a truce even though she understandably was not obligated to do so, and took a stand with Aida in claiming him as hers. She put in much more work than he did and it seemed too one-sided. Ewen was just there for the ride and going with the flow of things.

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They were good people but not very interesting, to me that is. It was very meh for me. Just not for me. Aug 09, Jennette rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle , audible , people-out-of-time. Wonderfully done.

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I do so love time travel books. A man, not a woman, is our traveler and he sems to be in possession of someone else's body. The usual damsel in distress is one tough woman. The mystery of who is Cameron really, what will happen when he remembers, and who did what to this or that person kept me interested through out. All the while feelings are developing and growing between Cameron and Marjory. Sadly, I have read too man Wonderfully done.

Sadly, I have read too many books lately that skip the relationship building and I am left feeling dissatisfied. There is no short cuts with this book. I was cheering on the whole process as each character was built and thier story unfolded. I enjoyed this so much that I couldn't put it down. I bought both the kindle copy and the audible copy so I could continue with the story when my eyes and hands needed to do something else. As always Ross Pendleton was a joy to listen to. Feb 26, Brittany rated it really liked it Shelves: highlander , time-travel-romance. I was actually surprised that I enjoyed this book.

I am not used to having a guy as the main character but it was a refreshing change. I thought the book was very well done all though I was a little disappointed that I did not get to know anymore about the characters from the first book. I hope the next book is a good as this one!!

Dec 27, Thanu rated it it was ok. Despite being a fan of romance and time travel The Time Traveller's Wife, hello , I was not a fan of this.

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The pacing of the plot was slow, draggy and at times, tiresome. The conflict between the two clans didn't seem to have organically sprought up and even then, I wasn't invested as a reader to find out the resolution to the conflict. The love between the two main characters seemed unbelivable and peppering it with cliched phrases made me not want to root for their happy ending.

That being sa Despite being a fan of romance and time travel The Time Traveller's Wife, hello , I was not a fan of this.

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That being said, it was an interesting take on a time travel story. If you can't stand sappyness, skip this. If you are an avid time travel fan, give this a go Jan 31, Robin rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this story. I couldn't put it down and it's one of the best I've read so far this year.

I'm happy and mellow now: it's good to read a stress free romance. Mar 15, Sherri Bryant rated it it was amazing Shelves: time-travel-romance. Awesome story! Dee Davis delivers another winner! The revelation of Grania's true identity was a pleasant surprise. Apr 04, Darla rated it it was amazing Shelves: scotland , historical , highlanders , paranormal , romance , time-travel.

In 15th century Scotland, Marjory MacPherson is trapped in a loveless marriage to Ewen Cameron and is trying to keep her people safe. The MacPherson's and Cameron's have been enemies for decades.

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Ewen's father blames Marjory's father for the death of his wife while Marjory's parents were killed by Ewen's father and brother. The marriage was supposed to bring an end to the hostility but isn't working. When Marjory receives news that Ewen has died in a rock slide she doesn't know how to take it. O In 15th century Scotland, Marjory MacPherson is trapped in a loveless marriage to Ewen Cameron and is trying to keep her people safe.

On one hand, she's happy to be rid of him but on the other, she'll now have to defend her hold against Ewen's father. But when she gets to where Ewen's body was left, he's very much alive. Cameron Even wakes up at the bottom of a mountain with no real memory of how he got there but the memories he does have do not match his surroundings.

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As his memory begins to return he realizes that he is far from that time and asks Marjory what year it is. Cameron and Marjory are drawn to each other and begin to forge something together. But will Cameron stay with Marjory or return to his time? I really enjoy a good time travel book and loved this one. There was a great surprise with regards to time travelers.